Momentum Finished?

CXO Advisory highlights an interesting paper with the tagline: “Momentum Not Working?”

Here’s the link:

Here is the link to the source:

This work inspired me to run the Size, Value, and Momentum factors through our systems and see what has happened over the past few years.

  • All returns are from Ken French’s website.
  • MOM=L/S Momentum=”Momentum factor”
  • SMB=L/S Size=”Size Factor”
  • HML=L/S Value=”Value Factor”
  • 1/1/2001–12/31/2010



  • Size and value worked.
  • Momentum was working, then fell off a cliff.

Market Cycles:

  • Value got killed in the 2008 debalce
  • Momentum got killed in the post 2008 runup


  • Value/size did a fairly good job preserving capital relative to the SP 500


  • Market=Mediocre at best.
  • Value=Good to go.
  • Size=Good to go.
  • Momentum=Terrible.


Momentum returns are a lot like Bill Miller’s returns: they were on an epic winning streak, but gave almost all the gains back in a short period of time. My hunch is that momentum can still add alpha over the long haul, but the trick is finding a way to capture the alpha, without dying in the short-term. All the short-term volatility is likely due to the fact that momentum is a very crowded trade among quants–every pitchbook I’ve seen from a quant involves some form of momentum.




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